A Gamer’s Life Update #2

Hi guys, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. Theholidays are often a period where you buy or get given some games as presentsand might actually have some time to sit down and binge play some. Whilst mostof my holidays were spent completing assignments and revising for exams, Istill made sure to make some time to play some of the new games that I received.I was able to finally play Shadow of theColossus on the PS4, a game which I had heard so much about when it firstreleased on the PS2. This remake was simply breath-taking graphically andtechnically. The solemn music that accompanies every moment of the game adds somuch to the experience. Its story and well known twist at the end still managesto evoke surprise to this day. Each of the colossi all behave differently andrequire varied strategies to overcome. While the controls can be frustrating andunresponsive on the few occasions, it was generally really great to play andwas one of my favourite games of 2018.

I also got the Ratchet and Clank remake, which playing long after I partly played through the original when I was younger was extremely nostalgic. Remembering some of the locations and seeing them reimagined with modern graphics was a real treat. The slick movement and revamped weapons and combat helped in easily bringing it into the modern era. While I did enjoy this game very much, Shadow of the Colossus stood out more for me and was much more memorable. After wanting to play this franchise for such a long time, I finally played through the Kingdom Hearts games. I love Disney and Final Fantasy so this was a perfect match for me. While the first games’ combat was a bit clunky and could be frustrating at times, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Kingdom Hearts II was perhaps my favourite so far. The combat was much improved, (though Birth by Sleep had the best combat in the series in my opinion) and the game just generally played the best, while still difficult it never really felt frustrating. Now that I’m fully caught up, I bought Kingdom Hearts III and I’ve played about 5 hours so far and I’m really enjoying it. I do plan on doing a review of it once I’ve completed it, which should be in a month or so depending on other content I decide to do and how much time I have.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Speaking of which, I wanted to talk about what content will be coming up in the future. I will continue to write reviews and other list type content such as top 5 Lego games for example, whilst also doing more essay style posts that will give a more in depth look into a particular topic such as why story is so important in games. Also, I really liked writing my post on the Fable franchise, so I will continue to do more content in that vein, looking at particular past games that meant something to me, why I liked them etc. Obviously I want to hear from you on what ideas you have for posts that you’d be interested in me writing, is there a particular topic or game you’d like to hear my thoughts on? Let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read this, why don’t you check out some of the other posts that I’ve written if you have the time. For all things gaming, stay tuned to Honest Gamer.

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