The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – Why I’m Worried

Before you read the full post, I just want to say that I wasn’t sure whether to publish this post. Ever since the trailer for the new Zelda was shown at E3 I wanted to get some things off chest and give my honest thoughts and opinions on Breath of the Wild as a long time Legend of Zelda fan. I try to see the positives and negatives in everything, however, this post does come across more of a rant than any previous thing I’ve written. I hope you understand the points that I make. Hope you enjoy!

While it is clear that critics and many people love BotW, I am not one of those people. In my opinion, it was not a good Zelda game and not a good open world game. It ruined a lot of things that make the Zelda games so memorable and beloved, from incredible music, smart and varied dungeon design, and a unique charm that sets it apart from other games. It did things that any other game from another developer would be heavily criticized for, but because it is Nintendo, gets a free pass and no one bats an eyelid. As someone who is a massive Legend of Zelda fan, BotW was a huge disappointment and hoped future games would go back to what made the franchise great. However, knowing that the next game is a sequel has me worried for the future of the series.

I want to go through the things that were bad about BotW alongside the aspects I really liked. First things first, the biggest issue that I and many others had was the terribly bland and uninspired main dungeon design. When anyone thinks of there favourite Zelda dungeon, I guarantee that no Divine Beast from BotW will ever be on anyone’s favourite list. There are only 4 main dungeons and they all look and play almost identically to one another. You run about the inside and outside, moving a certain part of the Beast to allow you to progress. This sounds interesting at first and it is, but the novelty wears off very quickly, and the dungeons can be completed in about 30 minutes where the final bosses also suffer the same problems and are extremely forgettable. While the ideas here would be great for a single big dungeon, stretching it out for all of them was a bad move.

The other main issue was the move to an open world. It’s large, beautiful to traverse but filled with such repetitive and dull side content. The missions you get from NPC’s are cookie-cutter fetch quests, some of the worst I’ve seen, such as gather 60 iron ore’s etc. The mini shrines can be great fun and offer some much-needed puzzle solving that the main dungeons fail to have enough of. However, half of these shrines are literally just copy and pasted of the same fight against the same easy to fight enemy. Any other game would have been torn apart by critics, but was never addressed, it is a weird double standard where Nintendo games get given leniency on poor design, where others don’t. The story is bland and told mostly through flashbacks, which is not the best way to tell a narrative.

So much of this game feels like hardly any effort or passion went into it. Where the side content has been subjected to quantity over quality and the main content has neither quality nor quantity. Overall, the game feels extremely rushed and people seem to ignore all the clear flaws of its design. There were aspects I did really enjoy, the stamina system and the fact that you could climb on anything. I loved how the weather affects your traversal of the world, such as rain makes surfaces slippery, therefore it is more difficult to climb up them. The physics were great, however, the developers were clearly a bit too proud of it, as it was the basis of nearly all the puzzles. If I did a full review of it and gave it a score, I would probably give it a 5 out of 10 at most.

The trailer for the sequel did look amazing, with a more dark and creepy tone. However, because of the many flaws of the original, I am worried for it. If it is going to impress me, there needs to be some changes and improvements. The main thing for me is to make the dungeons feel unique to one another, something nearly every Zelda game in the past managed to do, and to make them longer and more difficult. They were simply way too short and simple in the original and honestly thought like an afterthought in an already underwhelming experience. Similarly, the bosses lacked that unique and intricate design, where they all felt so similar and boring to fight. While the first time you see and enter a divine beast is awe-inspiring, the feeling quickly fades to be replaced with monotony.

They also need to put a greater focus on the story, a darker tone has so much potential and hopefully have the story actually told in the present instead of mostly flashbacks. Twilight Princess remains the entry with the best storyline in my opinion, with memorable characters and honestly very emotional moments, something BotW lacked. I would also like to see a smaller and denser world compared to the beautiful but empty one before. A smaller world would benefit from a greater focus on quality rather than quantity. Where very few open world games have been able to do both (The Witcher 3 instantly comes to mind).

Overall, I have faith that Nintendo can correct the blatant problems that BotW had and deliver something of the quality and memorability of earlier entries like Twilight Princess and WindWaker. I do not think that it’s fair to have double standards when it comes to critiquing games. If some games get complains of repetitive side missions and bland design, then so should others. Nintendo should not get a free pass on clear issues in their games, as constructive criticism can only lead to better crafted ones. However, if they do not improve the areas I mentioned, then I fear that the sequel will once again fail to live up to the franchise’s high expectations in my opinion.

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  1. I’ve been putting off posting a Breath of the Wild review for all the same reasons you outlined – I wasn’t a huge fan of the game, and every time I go to write it, it devolves into a rant rather than a review. I think everything you point out here is a valid criticism – I was also incredibly disappointed in the same-ness of the dungeons, shrines and bosses. It also surprises me a bit how utterly forgettable some aspects of this game are – I literally could not name a single important NPC (other than Mipha, who stuck with me for some reason) or side character. I can’t even remember the names of the Divine Beasts or the bosses.
    This game definitely (in my opinion) had some glaring issues that, as you said, I really hope get addressed in the BotW sequel. If not, I honestly might pass on the game… I was disappointed in Skyward Sword, disappointed in BotW and honestly am expecting to be disappointed in this new one as well. I really think they need to go back a bit to the roots of the series – the music, the clever dungeon design, and unique boss fights. Here’s hoping I guess.

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    1. Thanks a lot. I really wanted to like the game, but there were too many core Zelda aspects that just seemed to be side-lined in favour of focusing on making a massive open world. I really do hope they can provide a more focused experience for the sequel, and like you said, more unique dungeon and boss design. Overall, it was pretty lacklustre and forgettable experience, it’s a shame.

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      1. Agreed! That’s why I’d love to see them go back a bit to the old formula… Not suggesting that they should never change anything, just bring back some of the old, essential Zelda-ness. Even if they wanted to move forward with the open world, they could make it a lot more interesting with meaningful sidequests, and more story-related things to discover, rather than just new items or shrines. I just don’t want to give up on the series, but I don’t want to keep playing them if they’re a constant let down.

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      2. Exactly, They should change up the game, however, I think there is a limit to how much drastic change they should make. The dungeons and bosses are what make the Zelda games what they are. Take the Final Fantasy games for example, they change up aspects of the game with each new entry, but they never feel completely different. They always retain those elements that make them feel like Final Fantasy games.

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  2. I’m glad a Zelda fan criticized this. Even before I started my blog, I was afraid to criticize it because I didn’t really play Zelda games. I only beat BOTW and played half of A Link to the Past.

    The open world in Zelda BOTW is fantastic until you see everything it has to offer and then never want to play the game again. I agree the sidequests were really bad. I still don’t understand how so many people said the game has good quests compared to other RPG’s. The only good sidequest was Tarry Town.

    I’d also like to add, that on top of it being a mistake to tell the story through flashbacks, I felt as if finding the locations where you get them was tedious. I didn’t even bother doing them all. The story became something optional. The main story of any game should NEVER be optional.

    I really hope they tone down the exploration in the next game and make it a secondary focus. I don’t see how much they could’ve added in two years to make exploration different and worth it after playing the first game.

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    1. Thanks, it is good to see other people offering justified criticism to a flawed game. While there were aspects I enjoyed, overall the game felt too lifeless and dull. If they want to keep going open world, they should make it smaller but more dense, as the world was often too tedious to explore because it was littered with very repetitive and forgettable content. There needs to be people giving constructive criticism for a game to get better.

      I’m glad you and others liked the post as I was concerned I’d get so much hate for criticising such a critical hit and entry in a beloved series. As a fan, all I want to see is the Zelda games flourish and be great, but they will not continue to be if people don’t point out the flaws. 🙂

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    1. Thanks. If people don’t point out the flaws, they’ll assume that’s the perfect way to continue the series when it’s not. Although there were aspects I liked, BoTW strayed too far away from the core design and aspects which make the franchise great.

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