Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Tips for Beginners

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a masterpiece of an RPG, blending an expansive story, huge and memorable characters, a school simulation and the franchises signature tactical combat. At first, the sheer number of different mechanics and activities can be overwhelming, particularly for beginners, however even veteran fans might find it difficult to know how best to organise your limited time throughout the games months. I hope to give some of my tips to help newcomers in this brilliant game.

Know the different strengths and weaknesses of your units!

There are a variety of different classes that your students and other allies can be. These, alongside the many weapon types, have their own strengths and weaknesses that you need to learn, otherwise you could find your units in dangerous positions where on the harder difficulties could lead to the permanent death of characters. Flying classes, such as Wyvern Riders and Pegasus Knights are vulnerable to archers and armoured classes have low resistance to magic. Being aware of these can be the difference between life and death, so make sure to keep them far from reach.

Return lost items and gifts to characters at the right time.

When you are exploring the Officers Academy and Monastery, you will find a number of lost items and gifts that can be given to your allies. The lost items can only be given to a specific person, whereas gifts can be given to anyone, however, they also have certain best suited people to maximise their effect. Checking the profile of each character gives a list of their likes and dislikes, so you can work out the appropriate item. Returning lost items and gifts not only improve the bonds between you and them, but they also increase the motivation of those characters. This is why you might find it better to hold off giving these items to people when the motivation is low or depleted, maximising the utility of them. This will mean that your lectures will be more effective at improving the skills of your students.

Check Characters Likes and Dislikes

Make the most out of each month as your time is limited.

As mentioned in my review, the game is divided into months, where you will have lectures during the week, with a free day usually every Sunday. Making sure that your students motivation is high is key, therefore, exploring on the first free day of the month will allow you to complete short side quests and opportunities to increase motivation. Seminars will allow further skill growth while filling motivation even more. Leaving battles to the final free day of the month is a good option as there are no lectures the following week.

Make sure to fish, garden and share meals with your companions.

Exploration is a very important aspect of the game, there are many different activities that demand your time and attention and is useful to do as much as you can. Fishing not only provides ingredients for you to use in cooking meals, but it also provides you with much needed experience for your professor level. Raising this will provide you with more activity points to spend in exploration activities, lecturing and chances to battle. Gardening/planting for crops provides similar benefits, whilst also providing flowers to gift to characters. Sharing meals with people is incredibly useful and necessary throughout the game. If they are meals a person likes, they will improve bonds between you and the two chosen a significant amount whilst also full replenishing motivation.

Take your time!

This game begs for your time and is best when you simply take things slowly to enjoy what it has to offer. Not once did I choose for a lecture to be carried out automatically, as I wanted to make sure that each character developed in the way I wanted. Skipping cutscenes and support conversations will cause you to mis out on some of the best moments the game has. My last piece of advice is to simply take your time and enjoy everything that this game has to offer as it is one of if not the best experience the Nintendo Switch has to offer.

Thanks for reading and I hope that these tips will help you on your adventure through Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you enjoyed, give it a like and share 🙂

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