A Gamer’s Life Update #6

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a great August. I just wanted to give a quick update on what’s to come on my blog and what games have me excited in the near future.

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who’s subscribed to the blog so far, we’re nearing 50, which is insane and this past month in particular has see a surge in subscribers. I really appreciate all of you and I look forward to providing more great content for you soon.

Speaking of which, I have a number of things coming up in the near future that I hope you will like. I recently played and finished two short but sweet indie games. The Station and Sagebrush are first-person mystery/exploration games that are about 2 – 3 hours each. I quite enjoyed them, they both boast interesting stories with a few setbacks. I will have reviews for them both in the next few weeks. If you liked my ‘7 Examples of When Video Game Logic Makes No Sense’, then you’re in luck, as I have a few other similar ideas to come in the near future.

Although there are a ridiculous amount of games coming in early 2020 that have me hyped, there are still a few this year that I am still looking forward to. Control the new game by the developers of Alan Wake and Quantum Break, comes out at the end of the month and it definitely looks really intriguing. Greedfall is an RPG coming early September that I honestly forgot about until very recently and it reminds of a cross between Dragon Age and The Witcher 3. Then there is my most anticipated game of the year, Outer Worlds, developed by Obsidian which comes out in October. It has so much promise and hype that I am incredibly excited but also praying that it can deliver a truly unique and memorable experience.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy the content to come in the near future. If you haven’t already, I would appreciate it if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram and my Honest Gamer Facebook page. The links to these are at the top of the page. Hope you have a great rest of the month 🙂

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