20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 3 – Zenyatta (Overwatch)

When people think of great video game characters, ones from multiplayer games likely won’t come to mind. However, Overwatch has such a diverse selection of heroes to choose from, with their own backstory, personality etc. In fact, for many players these characters are one of the main reasons they enjoy the game so much, including me. I’m not a massive fan of multiplayer games, I often lose interest after around 40 hours or so. But Overwatch is different because of its fun gameplay and brilliant characters, so much so that I have racked up over 700 hours on it. One hero in particular, Zenyatta, stands above the rest.

Zenyatta is a support hero, having the role of healing teammates and debuffing enemies, so that they receive more damage. He is also a good damage dealer as well, meaning if you are confident and aggressive enough, he can end up being as useful as a DPS hero. Being such a great all round hero, he is extremely fun to play and an asset to any team composition.

But it is not just his utility as a damage-support that makes him so great, but his character/personality. He is essentially a robot monk, that spouts a brilliant and hilarious selection of philosophical voice lines and inspirational quotes. Some of these are altered slightly depending on certain skins you have equipped.

Just a small selection include:

  • “Embrace tranquility.”
  • “Adversity is an opportunity for change.”
  • “Repetition is the path to mastery.”
  • “Be on with the universe.”
  • “Your setback is only temporary.”
  • “Consider only victory, make defeat an impossibility in your mind.”

Zenyatta is such an iconic character and whoever came up with him deserves a raise. If you ever play Overwatch, I thoroughly recommend playing him, he’s great to play and gives you plenty of advice and encouragement along the way.

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One thought on “20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 3 – Zenyatta (Overwatch)

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  1. I agree with you that’s characters from multilayer games wouldn’t be people’s first thought. And you are right about the characters in Overwatch. I love how fleshed out they are, with their own personalities despite the lack of story to the game itself.

    I no longer play Overwatch, but I did play a good few rounds as Zenyatta and he is a very fun character to play. I enjoyed reading this!

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