20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 8 – Morrigan (Dragon Age)

Yet another character from a Bioware franchise, this time from the epic fantasy series, Dragon Age. The fantasy genre is my favourite, and Dragon Age exemplifies all of the reasons why. From the diverse, intriguing world of Thedas, intricate lore and a great cast of characters help craft a truly exceptional series. It was difficult to pick just one person to be my favourite from the games, as they can all make their own list (perhaps in the future) but, one in particular definitely stands out more than the rest. This had to be the interesting, sarcastic and powerful mage, Morrigan.

Encountered in first in Origins and later returning in Inquisition, Morrigan has become a fan favourite. At first, she might appear cold, antagonistic and not exactly a ‘good’ person, but the further we get in the game, she does develop into a much more interesting character than at first glance. Although she still remains much of what I mentioned first, she opens up to the player and the characters around her, even Alistair, whom she has a consistent argumentative relationship with. Similarly, the party banter between her and others, especially Alistair, is a highlight for the many adventures you will have throughout the first game. The DLC’s, and if you pursue a romantic relationship with her, give the player further insight into her personality. By the time she reappears in Inquisition, we see a new caring, motherly side to her that was never thought possible, but in retrospect, it is foreseeable given the relationship with her own mother.

In terms of her abilities as a mage, she stands out amongst the others available. She has access to the shapeshifter skill line, this allows her to change into a variety of creatures, such as a giant spider or a bear. In addition, she has an arsenal of other offensive magic, such as blizzards, fireballs and lighting strikes, among others. Because of her prowess as a mage and how brilliant her character is, she is a must have for any party.

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2 thoughts on “20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 8 – Morrigan (Dragon Age)

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    1. Same. Although it was great to see her again, it would have been so much better if she was in the party. The banter between her, Vivienne and Iron Bull would have been hilarious 😂


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