20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 10 – Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)

It’s very difficult to make companion characters a positive aspect of any game. Most of the time your job is to protect them through all manner of dangerous situations, whilst they have the survival instincts of a horror movie side character. Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite on the other hand is an exception. I love the Bioshock series, its intriguing setting, characters and lore make it such an iconic franchise. While Infinite may not be my favourite entry, it was still a great game with a interesting but complex story. One of the best features of the game strangely enough, was the relationship between Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth and escorting her through the world.

While the game’s plot revolves around you going to save Elizabeth from captivity, in most cases it’s her saving you. She has the ability to open ‘tears’ allowing her to pull things from another time and world. In normal gameplay, this consists of creating some cover, turrets and weapons. Furthermore, she also finds money, ammo and health to give to you, which can be incredibly helpful in many dire situations. Because of these factors, she stands as the best implementation of an ‘escort’ type mission/character ever in gaming.

Elizabeth is not just a brilliantly helpful character, she has a headstrong, kind personality that is explored throughout the story. She may come across pretty naive in the beginning, but she soon grows into so much more. In fact, by the end of the game it seems as though she develops into the game’s real protagonist. She knows much more about the world and what is going on than Booker Dewitt, with a twist towards the end that still remains such a strange but memorable moment.

The DLC further explores her character, where we get to see a much more mature and experienced woman. In fact the second DLC allows us to play as Elizabeth herself, with her own unique play style. In addition we get to see more of her inner thoughts this time around, where she is much more internally conflicted than in the main game. Overall, Elizabeth will go down in gaming history as perhaps one of the only characters we had to escort that didn’t make us want to throw our controllers through the tv.

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  1. Wow, 10 days in and only one character from a game that I have played. Okay, two, if we count Garrus towards the first Mass Effect 🙂

    But you probably mostly play on consoles, while I stick to my PC.

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