20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 14 – Kratos (God of War)

I don’t know a whole lot about the God of War games, there I said it. The first game game in the series that I played was the most recent one on the PS4. I haven’t played any of the older games as they never appealed to me at the time. God of War (2018) was my GOTY last year because of its incredible graphics, engaging and emotional story, fun and quite difficult combat and the great characters that carried the narrative forward. I never would have thought Kratos would have a made a list like this before the new game. Since I never played the older games, he just came across as an overly angry man that kills gods (he might have been just that for all I know). The new game however made him so much more.

While he definitely still has a lot of that rage from the older games, there is a lot more to him now, so much more nuance that reflects the new direction for the game. While he remains quite a stoic individual, with little interest to those around him, he is fiercely protective of his son Atreus. Their relationship is quite strained early on, slowly warming to each other as they travel across the game world and go through various trials together. We witness various moments where he opens up and shows the inner conflicts and emotional issues he has to deal with. He still retains his gruff personality by the end of the game, with all the quite hilarious moments that brings, but we still become attached to him as a player.

It also helps that he is incredibly fun to play, his various abilities, satisfying fighting style and weapons all help to make him a brilliant character to fight as. The Leviathan Axe, the way it returns to Kratos never gets old, if you’ve played it then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. I never thought I would enjoy God of War as much as I did, or that I would like Kratos either. But him and the game definitely stick in my mind long after playing the game.

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