20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 15 – Kimahri Ronso (Final Fantasy 10)

Final Fantasy X was such a brilliant game and remains my favourite in the franchise. The story was gripping, the combat fun and strategic, and the summoning mechanic was best it has ever been (XIII tried a similar version which I did enjoy). The characters, as always, featured some extremely likeable people and it was difficult to decide who would be on this list. While it may not be the first one to come to everyone’s mind, Kimahri Ronso always stood out to me more than the rest, even more than Lulu and her strangely stylish skirt made out of belts.

While the other party characters get a single cgi cutscene to briefly introduce them, Kimahri technical gets two in a pretty short space of time. Both of these greatly capture what makes him such a loveable and cool individual. The first one shows him catching Yuna after she receives her first Aeon, showing he is a great guardian and protective. The second cutscene is the proper introduction, where we see him leaping from pillar to pillar to drop in front of Tidus and battle him. It brings his fierce side to the fore, demonstrating that he can be both protective and aggressive when he needs to. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a blue furred humanoid beast thing protecting you on a dangerous journey to defeat a large whale-like creature called Sin? I know I would.

We also see his more unexpected light-hearted and humorous side at certain points in the adventure. Seeing him try to smile when Tidus asks him too is frightening yet hilarious. Or finally standing up to his two larger brothers who show up to torment him throughout the game, where he eventually earns their respect makes you feel so proud. He’s also a strong physical-based fighter to have in the party, wielding a spear and using the abilities of other monsters (akin to a blue mage) makes him valuable and unique. He may not be everyone’s obvious choice for favourite Final Fantasy characters, but that’s part of the reason why I wanted to feature him on the list.

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