20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 17 – Elena Fisher (Uncharted)

While Nathan Drake remains my favourite character in the Uncharted franchise, he wouldn’t be where he was or had the same journey if it wasn’t for Elena Fisher. She also goes through incredible character development over the course of the four main games. She begins to enjoy the adventure and the danger it brings, staying by Nate’s side through thick and thin. While I was tempted to put Chloe Frazier in this list instead, as she nearly always steals whatever scene she’s in, Elena nudges past due to her showing more complexity as a character.

When we meet her in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, she’s a bit naïve at first. However, she soon comes into her own, saving Nate and being able to handle herself quite well in various situations. In fact, when things start to get too bad even for Nate, who thinks they should leave, Elena is the one that wants to continue and persuades him to carry on. Furthermore, while Nate is the one that usually uses wit and humour throughout the game, Elena also has that side to her as well, complimenting each other well.

The next three games push the focus onto narrative and character development even more than the first game. We are able to see more sides and depth to these individuals than before. Elena starts to see the reality behind the ever increasing danger and what it could mean, whilst questioning Nate about what he is really after and what he’s trying to prove when going on these adventures. She finds it harder and harder to stick by him until it causes them to break apart. A Thief’s End explores this idea even more, but we see them both come to an understanding of what they want out of life. The ending is a brilliant and emotional conclusion to both their stories that leaves me thinking about it years after completing it.

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2 thoughts on “20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 17 – Elena Fisher (Uncharted)

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  1. I definitely agree with putting Elena up farther than Chloe. Elena does have more character development and I feel Chloe was used more for eye candy, which is sad because she had a lot of potential to be a great character.

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