20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 18 – Triss Merigold (The Witcher)

Yes I know, another Witcher character. But when the games have so many well written and layered people in their universe, it’s difficult not to put them in my list. This fiery, redheaded sorceress captured my attention when I played the second game, and The Wild Hunt further proved just how great a character she is. Depending on your choices, she can be a love interest for Geralt instead of Yennefer, and how could you not choose her the first time round.

In many ways, Triss is the complete opposite to Yennefer. She is much more sympathetic to those around her in need, especially those of her own kind, which we see in her arc in the third game. She is also incredibly courageous, sacrificing herself to be tortured if it means helping in the mission to save others. While on the surface, she appears to be a kind and warm person, she can be fierce when she needs to be, using her strength in magic to protect herself and others as well as start the fights should the need arise.

Triss is also incredibly loyal depending on the choices you make regarding her. She will come to help defend Ciri in the battle at Kaer Mohren, using her powerful abilities to rain fore down on the enemies. She also isn’t afraid to tap into her darker side in certain situations if it means helping her in her mission to save her fellow mages in Novigrad. Her relationship with Geralt is also a highlight, as well as being almost like a big sister to Ciri. While I still like Yennefer as a character, because I played the second game I already had grown attached to her before The Wild Hunt came out. It’s also because I find Triss much more likeable as well, whilst still having that fierce side compared to a mostly cold exterior from Yen.

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6 thoughts on “20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 18 – Triss Merigold (The Witcher)

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  1. Not only is Triss a much nicer and warmer character in general, she’s also the better choice for Geralt as a person. She has no need for manipulative games and deeply cares about him. I felt joy everytime Triss was involved in the game, and when she came to visit at the vineyard, I thought it to be the perfect ending. Finally, Geralt can come to rest with a woman who truly loves him.

    “But in the books…” No! This isn’t book Geralt, and it isn’t book-Witcher. The game heavily leans on the original, but CDPR made the game’s world their own. The player is free to make his own choice regarding Geralt’s character progression.

    That being said, who am I to dictate how “your” Geralt should behave, so I have nothing against Yennefer in “your” story, but “my” Geralt fell for Triss head over heels. (and so did I, right from the first game…)

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    1. Yeah, her relationship with Geralt feels much more natural. I’ve almost finished the second book as well, so far Yen is pretty cold and unlikeable. I do hope she does get better later in the books. I haven’t come across Triss in the books yet either.

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      1. I assume that you read the two short-story books first? Triss gets introduced in the first book of the main series, as far as I remember.

        The cold and manipulative is kind of Yen’s schtick, but she does grow on you over time (at least she did on me).

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