20 Days of Video Game Characters: Day 19 – Pikachu (Pokémon)

While some may think is a bit of a weird choice, I just had to include the iconic and adorable electric mouse Pokemon, Pikachu. He has made such an impact in popular culture that it would be wrong not to include him on the list. I say ‘he’ as it’s arguably Ash’s Pikachu that has made the little thing so bloody iconic. So because of this, today’s post will be a slight crossover between the game version and show version.

In terms of the game version, he is likely one of the most popular electric type Pokemon you can get, especially in the original games. This is partially due to how early you can catch one as well there isn’t many other good choices, apart from Jolteon halfway through the game. While Pikachu does have decent attack and special attack stats, its speed is what sets it apart from other choices, allowing you to get an attack in more quickly than your opponents. If you want, you can also evolve him anytime with a thunder stone for a more powerful, but ultimately slower Raichu. If you are someone that wants an electric type on your team as well as something cute, then a Pikachu is your best bet.

The show version is even more adorable, as well as we get to see so much more personality than what the games can do. The very first episode of the show alone will make you fall in love with Ash’s Pikachu. Whether that be from the hilarious scene where he keeps hitting the poke ball away back to Ash as he refuses to get inside, or the adorable giggle when witnessing Ash’s miserable attempt to catch other Pokemon. Don’t even get me started when he starts crying in the first movie when Ash turned to stone. Even today that scene still makes me cry. Pikachu remains an icon in the gaming community to this day and for many of these good reasons.

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