Games of the Decade #9 – Overwatch

This is likely a very odd choice for a ‘games of the decade’ list to many people. However, for me it has become the most played game of all time. Online shooters are games that never held my attention for very long, I’d get bored after about 50 hours and move on to something else. Overwatch broke that pattern and had me addicted from the get-go. 

The team-based gameplay is really engaging for me, having a particular, unique role in the team makes everything feel more important. This, along with the very fast-paced combat makes the whole experience so fun and engaging. However, it’s the brilliant and varied cast of heroes that really makes the game so much more than others in the genre. They all have their own unique weapons and abilities, meaning that there will definitely be something for everyone. Also, their personalities and backstories are what really make them shine. I always look forward to the new animated shorts that are released. They help to flesh out the world and lore even more, giving a taster at what an Overwatch series of movie could be. 

Blizzard have continued to support the game since its release back in 2016. Releasing new maps, modes, heroes, skins and events, all of which are free. I cannot wait to see what else we see from the game and the story related content in the sequel.

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