Games of the Decade #7 – Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition had a lot to prove after the mediocre reception of Dragon Age 2. While I enjoyed the game, the lazy, copy-paste design was a major issue, this was accompanied by a very small world. Inquisition was the complete opposite in so many ways and it was clear that BioWare had listened to the criticisms. The game offers a sprawling, semi-open world, full of variety and exploration. While it has some issues, Inquisition brought many great new additions to the series as well keeping a lot of aspects that were loved from the previous entries.

BioWare games are known for their great narratives and excellent characters, Inquisition  is no exception. As the Inquisitor, you must build up the Inquisition and its allies in order to close the Breach and defeat a certain recognisable antagonist. For the most part, the story is engaging and stands on equal footing with what is known of the studio. The characters are another important and memorable aspect of the game. My personal favourites of the new additions have to be the hilarious mercenary, Iron Bull and the confident, respectable mage, Vivienne. Both have so many brilliant moments that make them standout, yet it’s their random banter that makes them must have members of the team. Varric is another great choice to bring back from the second game. His and Cassandra’s dynamic is always fun to watch and see develop. However, the greatest decision that was made, was to have the iconic Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins return to play a significant part in the story. She was easily the best character of the original game and a fan-favourite. More than anything, it was the characters that make Inquisition such a brilliant game.

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The large and varied locations you can explore also offer so much to the experience. From the stormy coasts, lush forests, undead marshes and both snowy and desert expanses, there is so many unique places to traverse. It helps keep the game fresh and interesting to play. The combat is also the best in the series for me. It offers both the visceral action of the second game (improving upon this), whilst offering the option of a more tactical approach. Every action feels like it has weight to it, both physical attacks and magic. With a large variety of abilities and spells to customise the player character and the others, you can tailor everyone to the play-style you want. The dragon fights have to be mentioned. Where in Skyrim, the dragon battles were pretty dull and all the same except for which element of breath attack they had, Inquisition does it better in every single way. The fights are more complex, where the A.I. is much better and varied in their attack patterns. Targeting different parts will cause different effects on the dragon. When you fight a dragon in Inquisition, it feels like an epic battle with a legendary foe, not just one of the many same fights you will experience throughout the game.

Dragon Age Inquisition is a brilliant game that offers so much variety despite its few flaws. BioWare has lost a lot of reputation in the past 3 years, so I am a bit cautious of whether Dragon Age 4 will bring the developer back to being a well respected studio. I hope for the best.

Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments your thoughts. For all things gaming, stay tuned to Honest Gamer. 

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  1. DAI is amazing. A huge step forward from its predecessors. It has a great soundtrack and beautiful places to explore. Bull is my favorite too and my go-to romance. My only complaint is the lack of customization options for your Inquisitor. Not many longer hair options and practically nothing for the Qunari and as a fan of the latter that disappoints me. But over all the game is still wonderful with so many things to do. It’s one of my favorite all-time fantasy RPG games. Oh and definitely with you on the dragon battles. I get all giddy like Bull when I do them. Way more fun than those in Skyrim.

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    1. Bull’s romance is such a highlight, so many hilarious moments 😂. Yeah I get what you mean with customisation options. It’s not the worst amount of options, but for a game with so much focus on the story, characters and dialogue, much more options should have been given.

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    1. Yeah that’s fair enough. For me the only thing I felt they could have done better on was the side quests. It’s definitely no Witcher 3 on that front, but I just really enjoyed the game and exploring the world.

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      1. That’s fair really. Which was really what felt repetitive to me. It felt kike everytime i went someplace new I did the exact same stuff for the same reason. Did the main story just to repeat that the next area.

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    1. It really is great. The only thing I thought was bad was the side quests, they could have been much better. It felt they weren’t given much effort apart from the character missions.


      1. Yes I think you would be forgiven for text-skipping and jumping for A to B as quickly as possible to get them out of the way – there certainly wasn’t as much attention to detail as with the main story.
        I guess it just doesn’t bother me as I’m always too preoccupied with the story, the romances, and tinting my armour!

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