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Hi, thanks for visiting my website. My name’s Stephen and this is my little corner of the internet. I created this website so that I could have a place to write and publish content such as reviews, opinion pieces, thoughtful essays and the like on all things in the gaming industry. I’m a History student at Bournemouth University and an aspiring journalist.

My aim is to provide very honest views and opinions on a range of topics. I try to be as impartial as possible (however no one can be entirely impartial), by looking at as many facets and perspectives as possible. I want to try to really see the positives and negatives in everything to give you dependable and in depth journalism.

Now getting back to me and my experience in gaming, my favourite genre is RPG’s and JRPG’s. I’m a sucker for a good 50 hour RPG that I can really get lost and immersed in. I own an Xbox One, PS4, Switch and 3DS so I don’t really care about being apart of the whole platform/console wars, instead I love what each of these platforms bring to the table, but I wont deny the issues in first party titles that plagues Microsoft in this generation.

I love Final Fantasy games, although they aren’t perfect games and definitely have their flaws, there has always been something about them, the music or charm that makes them so unique. There are so many other games and franchises that I could mention, however, the one thing that makes me fall in love with a game and makes it memorable for me is the story. Gameplay changes and will always evolve through the years, but a good story and well developed characters will last forever. I know it sounds so cheesy but its true.

Overall, I want to create content that will inform, entertain and hopefully make people see games and the industry in different and new light. But remember these are just my opinions, and I understand everything is subjective, that other people could end up having completely opposite views and that’s fine and it’s the great thing about this industry.

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