Lake Review

Leave your busy life behind to deliver mail and connect with the locals in this small town adventure. Read my thoughts on Lake in this review!

Echo Generation Review

Read my review for Echo Generation. Team up with your sister and even a raccoon, in a turn-based adventure to find the truth about the strange happenings in the town.

Must Play Indie Games!

I'm someone that has quite a varied taste when it comes to the video games I like to play. While my favourite type of game is often an expansive RPG to captivate me for many hours, I also like first-person shooters, third-person shooters and action-adventure games. I like games that have lots of puzzles in,... Continue Reading →

The Station – Review

This sci-fi, mystery game provides a compelling premise that somewhat delivers, however, it stumbles in its storytelling and twist due to its short length, technical issues and inconsistent plot.

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