The Final Fantasy XIV Diaries #3 – The Road to Heavensward

I still cannot believe that it took me this long to play Final Fantasy XIV. Although, it’s better late than never, and I’m really loving my time with this MMO. With the Endwalker expansion arriving next month, I definitely have a lot left to catch up on, and there’s no way I’ll be done before that very imminent release. However, I’m making steady progress and I’d like to share my thoughts so far in another update. Let’s get started.

Saving the Realm and Fighting Another Threat

Since the last time I updated you on my progress, I’ve managed to complete quite a lot, especially as I’ve really become fully engrossed in this epic fantasy adventure. After battling the Primal, Garuda, our heroes managed to make the preparations to tackle the deadly mechanical menace, the Ultima Weapon. It involved a long and epic 8-person dungeon, culminating in a tense clash at the top. With that, the main story for the base game of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was finished. But that wasn’t the end of the threats against Eorzea.

After the base A Realm Reborn campaign, a series of main quests lines were added to continue the story, as well as build up to the first expansion, Heavensward. You can really start to see the improvements to the overall storytelling here, as well as more regular voice acted cutscenes, which was something I felt lacking earlier. A particular highlight is Lady Iceheart, an antagonist who, like others before her, has a tendency to loom on a nearby cliff as she broods over the player in cutscenes. The fight against fan-favourite deity, Shiva, was as good as can be expected. I’m currently trying to halt the Dravanian invasion of Ishgard, and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

A Summoner’s Progress

As mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been mostly focused on the Summoner job. It’s a real blast to play and I love having the little summoned creatures to fight by my side. Since getting to level 50, levelling up is slow, since these batch of main quests don’t give out much experience points. However, it also means I’ve had much more time to practice and refine the rotation of abilities I currently have. Although, I can’t wait till I unlock the skills in the upper echelon of the job, as they sound really cool.

I’ve also recently started trying out some other classes, mainly the Lancer and Rogue. It’s been fun and a good change of pace from the magical assaults of the Summoner. Because I’m absolutely loaded with gold, I’ve tried levelling up some of the crafting jobs. Since I can just buy a lot of the materials their guilds, I can make rapid progress with them.

One thing I haven’t liked as much is the sometimes excessively long wait times to find groups for dungeons/raids that are mandatory for the main story. There was one time where someone kept declining the invite when a group was found, 5 TIMES! It ended up taking close to 40 minutes to finally find a group for a duty that took 6 minutes to complete.

The Road to HeavensWard

I’m getting close to reaching Heavensward now and filled with anticipation and excitement for what’s in store for me. I’ve heard plenty of great things and how the quality of storytelling gets better and better. My expectations are high and I can safely say that Final Fantasy XIV is becoming one of my favourites in the legendary series, possibly top 5.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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